A short history of the Świętomarciński Croissant

St Martin's Croissant

The Świętomarciński Croissant is a sweet symbol of Poznań and a taste of a long tradition. Baked according to a special recipe, it has been gaining recognition for years. It not only has a unique taste but also an interesting story about its creation. Before you try it, get to know the legend!

Polish highlanders have their own oscypek, Toruń prides itself on gingerbread, Wadowice with cream cakes, and Poznań is famous for Świętomarciński croissants. They have their own museum, where the tradition of baking them is cultivated, and they have their own celebration. Here’s what else you should know about Poznań delicacies.

History of the St Martin’s Croissant

The tradition of baking St. Martin’s croissants was born in 1891. At that time every year before the fair, the pastor of the Poznań parish,  St. Martin told the faithful a story about a patron who gave a beggar freezing in the cold half of his coat. Józef Melzer (one of Poznań confectioners) also wanted to do something for the poor. But he had no idea what it would be. At night he dreamed of Saint Martin as a knight on a horse who lost a horseshoe while riding away. The confectioner thought he would bake cookies in their shape and give it to the poor. He did so. With time, they came to be called St. Martin’s Croissants. Over the following years, on the day of the church fair, Józef Melzer baked them for the poor. After his death, other confectioners continued this tradition, which is still cultivated today.

The secret of the unique taste of St. Martin’s croissants

The secret of the unique taste of Poznań croissants is hidden in the excellent and extremely aromatic ingredients from where it was made. It is baked from semi-French dough, filled with white poppy seeds, vanilla, sugar, nuts, raisins, margarine, orange peel and other additives. Topped with icing, sprinkled with crushed almonds and candied orange peel. It is considered to be one of the tastiest biscuits in the world!

Its unusual taste is also evidenced by the fact that it has been entered in the register of protected designations of origin and protected geographical indications in the European Union. It can only be baked in Poznań and Greater Poland, according to a strictly defined procedure and under a traditional recipe.

The right to bake only with a certificate

Only confectioneries, which will receive special certificates, have the right to bake St. Martin’s (Świętomarciński) croissants. Many companies apply for them, but few get approval. Currently, 102 confectioneries have it in Poland. Outside of Poznań and Greater Poland, no one may use the name Świętomarciński Croissant.

Inspired by the taste of this unique croissant, Bakery Mazowsze has developed our own recipe, according to which we bake the croissants called Marciński.

A tradition that continues today

The tradition of baking St. Martin’s croissants continues today. Every year on November 11, which coincides with the day of St. Martin, large amounts of croissants are baked. Both Poznań residents and tourists visiting the city love them. In this way, eating St. Martin’s croissants became an independent custom.

There is also the Living Museum of the Rogal (Croissant) Świętomarciński in Poznań. Visiting them, we can feel the extraordinary atmosphere of the Old Town, go back in time and get to know history better. Visitors can also participate in the baking of a Poznań delicacy.

Available at Masovia Craft Bakery Shops. Also check in the store search where our pastries are available:


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      marlena waszkiel
      marlena waszkiel
      12:41 05 Oct 21
      Hauca Iulia-Gabriela
      Hauca Iulia-Gabriela
      16:23 03 Apr 21
      The cakes are absolutely amazing, the taste is great! Hardly recommend!
      Matt Iliniec
      Matt Iliniec
      09:33 27 Jan 21
      Pyszne pieczywo oraz rozsądne ceny! Serdecznie pozdrawiam całą załogę Mazowsze bakery za dobra prace 😉
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      Ad Szafranek
      18:30 20 Nov 20
      Współpraca zapowiada się obiecująco, pyszne wypieki 😊
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      Mariusz Zaorski
      18:47 12 Oct 20
      Uwielbiam ciasta i torty z bakery Mazowsze polecam wszystkim.
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      Majka Abramczyk
      07:32 20 Aug 20
      Najlepszy chleb żytni jaki jadłam 😊

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