1. I am a shop owner and I would like to work with you. Where should I start?
2. Can I buy bread directly from the bakery?

Currently, we do not offer the service to purchase directly from the bakery. We only sell through a network of partner stores.

3. How often is bread delivered to stores?

We deliver our products to most of our partner stores every morning. Afternoon delivery is also available for local shops. You can check the destination in the store finder.

4. How can I order a cake from you?

You can order through the selected store to which we deliver our products. Click on the link to view the shop finder.

The current catalogue of cakes can be downloaded here

5. How far in advance do you need to order a Celebration Cake in the selected store to which you will deliver it?

The order fulfilment time depends on the selected type of cake:

Standard cakes – minimum 2 days before delivery (cakes ordered for Saturday, must be ordered and confirmed no later than Thursday by 2pm. Cakes ordered for Monday must be ordered and confirmed on Friday by 12pm.)

3D cakes – order a minimum of 5 days before delivery

Wedding cakes – order at least 5 days before delivery. You can pick up directly from Bakery Mazowsze.

Click here to download the current catalogue of cakes (pdf)

6. Do you make personalised cakes to order?

We have several cake designs to choose from. We offer personalisation options with the an inscription on selected cakes. In the case of a wafer cake, we can print a photo and an inscription.

Click here to download the current catalogue of Celebration cakes (pdf)

7. What cakes are baked at Bakery Mazowsze?

We have a wide range of both traditional and more sophisticated cakes.

View our choices here: 

link to standard cakes
link to celebration cakes

8. What kind of bread does Bakery Mazowsze offer?

Our offer includes a wide selection of traditional Polish bread, as well as a range of rolls.

View our choices here.

9. What is the logistic minimum of your products? (Shops owners)

We set the logistic minimum individually. This is related to, among other things, how far the store is from the existing route.

10. How are orders placed? (Shops owners)

It is easy to place an order with us. Orders can be placed by phone, e-mail or via the customer panel in our ordering system. 

You can also set up a standing order. This is when the ordering of basic products is generated regularly and automatically. Thanks to this, the store will not be left without goods if someone forgets or is late with the order. With this solution, stores order different products depending on their needs. Orders can be freely modified with a minimum of 24 hours in advance.

Benefits of being our customer

We have been operating on the market for 15 years.
We deliver bread and confectionery products to over 300 points in England.
Thanks to Bakery Mazowsze, our customers attracts real gourmets of Polish bread to their stores. The benefits of working with us include:
  • stable partnership,
  • transparent rules of cooperation,
  • excellent quality goods baked according to traditional recipes,
  • cooperation with a recognisable and valued brand on the market (we have the SALSA quality certificate)
  • wide assortment.


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