Polish Bread: the most interesting types baked in Bakery Mazowsze

Polish Sourdough Breads

Bread has been known and baked for centuries. About 50 recipes for its various variations were known in ancient Greece. Over the years, it has changed its shape and taste, and yet it is still one of our favourite and staple food products, an element of tradition. Discover the most interesting types of Polish Breads baked in Bakery Mazowsze, which you can buy in stores in England and Wales.

Bread produced in Poland is still of high quality.

There are 365 bakery and confectionery products on the list of traditional products of the Polish Ministry of Agriculture. Many of them are exported to various countries in Europe. In 2019, the average Polish citizen ate an average of 3 kg of bread a month. High-quality bread with a varied taste is becoming more and more popular. This is due to greater awareness of healthy eating. In addition to traditional wheat, the store shelves also find rye, whole grain, fit, lactose-free, gluten-free and many others.

The flavours of bread baked in Bakery Mazowsze

Bread baked in Bakery Mazowsze is sold in England and Wales (please check our shop locator /link). They create the image that Poland is a country known for its delicious bread. Our offer includes both traditional and more varied loaves.

Traditional breads

The taste of traditional Polish bread can be found, among others in:

Traditional Bread – This is a mixed bread baked from wheat and rye flour on a traditional leaven. The composition of the malts also influences their taste.

Sourdough Bread Staropolski - Polish Bakery Mazowsze

Sourdough Bread Staropolski. A classic recipe, this traditional bread is rich in flavour. Boasting a thin crust dusted in flour, the inside of the loaf is lighter and airy.

Grandma’s Bread – This is also a mixed sourdough bread with oil, making it elastic and moist.

Baked with a blend of wheat and rye, the Grandma bread

Sourdough Grandma Bread. Baked with a blend of wheat and rye, the Grandma bread is traditional in every sense. This loaf is large in size, dusted with flour, and endures a simple and light texture.

Regional breads

Among the regional bread, the following should be distinguished:

Kashubian with potatoes – traditional rye bread from the region of Kashubia, where in the past, due to poorly fertile soil, mainly rye and potatoes were grown. It is baked with a small addition of sourdough wheat flour. The potatoes contained in the composition make it longer shelf life and keep it fresh.

Kashubian bread is extremely moreish. Baked with natural ingredients, the crust is thick, chewy and dusted in flour.

Kashubian sourdough bread is extremely moreish. Baked with natural ingredients, the crust is thick, chewy and dusted in flour.

Buttermilk bread – this is another mixed bread from our bakery. It is extremely fluffy and delicate. It is baked from wheat and rye flour with buttermilk, which gives it an interesting taste and stays fresh longer. Crunchy skin and elasticity are ITS hallmarks.

Buttermilk sourdough bread

This large round loaf is a true centrepiece. Soft and fresh, this bread is delicious in taste and features a patterned top. With a crunchy crust, this flour-dusted design looks aesthetically pleasing on the dinner table.

Rye breads

Our proposal for lovers of interesting bread flavours are:

Rye bread with cranberries – made exclusively of sourdough rye flour. Cranberry fits perfectly with its sour taste, diversifying everyday meals.

Rye Bread with Cranberries

Where sweet meets savoury, this rye bread with cranberries blends a divine combination. This artisan style bread is crusty on the outside and soft on the inside with a flavoursome chewy texture.

Rye tomato-garlic bread – this is another interesting and aromatic proposition. Moist, heavy and filling sourdough rye bread with a simple composition and unique taste. Perfect for people who care about a healthy diet.

rye bread with tomato and garlic picture

Full of pungent flavours, the rye bread with tomato and garlic is an appetizing, savoury choice. The soft dough is flaked with rich ingredients and the crust in baked plain to complement the taste.

Breads with seeds

Among the grain bread, the following undoubtedly deserve attention:

Ziarnovita bread – a mixed bread with the addition of linseed and sunflower seeds. Filling, rich in valuable minerals and vitamins.

Ziarnovita bread

The Ziarnovita bread is a traditional combination of rye flour and sourdough. Nutritionally rich, this bread is high in both fibre and protein. Coated in multi seeds for a chewy and nutty taste, the inside is dense and hearty.

Zdrowko bread – it is sourdough rye bread with the addition of sunflower seeds, oats and linseed.

zdrowko bread

Enriched with authentic Polish influences and ingredients, this Zdrowko bread is thick, dense and full of great taste. Naturally healthy and based on a traditional recipe, the loaf is soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside.

Multigrain bread – Solely baked from seeds and grains. It includes oatmeal, sunflower, linseed, dried rye, fibre, roasted flax seeds and sesame.

multigrain bread picture

Extremely dense, this hearty multigrain bread is full of thick texture. Prepared with a variety of different grains, the loaf is rustic in appearance and speckled with flakes.

Family bread with seeds – wheat bread with graham sourdough flour. It owes its interesting taste to the composition of grains and malts.

Family bread with seeds

This billowy loaf of wheat and rye bread with seeds is loved by all the family. With a crispy, seeded crust and a chewy crumb, the airy texture is created by the holes within the dough.

Take a look at our catalogue and learn about other types of bread. (link)

In order to meet the expectations of our customers, from time to time, we diversify the Bakery Mazowsze offer so that everyone can find something for themselves. 

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